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Nippon Electric Việt Nam Co., Ltd.

Welcome to NKE

At NKE we strive to develop and provide better solutions for the stable, safe and cost-effective supply of power.  This has been our goal ever since NKE's foundation in 1956.

Recently we are widening not only our market but also the product range. NKE is keen to align with companies with high-potential technologies, especially those with new energy solutions, such as solar power systems and fuel cells. We position ourselves as a strategic investor in selected start-ups and early-stage technology companies, and help them commercialize their inventions.

Because of our capital independence, NKE is one of the few companies that have business with the entire ten major electric-power companies in Japan.

NKE’s strength is in the energy, microelectronics, software and material areas specifically for electric power-related products, such as switchgears, lightning protection equipment and fault locating systems.

We concentrate our energy on technological development, with about 50 engineers at our R&D center. NKE’s products are continuously evolving by applying its accumulated expertise, by learning from our customers, and by incorporating state-of the-art technologies.

NKE has market channels covering the whole of Japan, and import/export channels world-wide.

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